French material-supplier Saint-Gobain SA introduces its new SG4 high-porosity diesel particulate filter substrate, which it says can lower initial backpressure and handle increased soot-loading.

John Eubanks, North American account manager, says the SG4 DPF's silicon carbide structure and asymmetric cell design allows the filter to handle temperatures up to 2,912° F (1,600° C) and operate in nearly any environment.

“It's the hex design that improves the open frontal area, so we have a larger capacity for ash storage and for soot,” he says at the 2009 SAE World Congress.

Saint-Gobain makes DPF substrates for European commercial and passenger vehicles and is trying to make headway into the U.S. heavy-duty and off-road trucking market.

While business is brisk in diesel-heavy Europe, it's been slow in the U.S. Eubanks says the company expects growth here with new diesel regulations that will require DPFs by 2014.

“Right now, only heavy-duty trucks are required to have them,” he says.

Despite the dearth of diesel passenger cars in the U.S., Eubanks says his company expects the market to see a 6.5% penetration rate by next year.

Once diesels start to gain popularity here, the SG4 DPF will boost performance and help the vehicles meet strict emissions standards.

Saint-Gobain already is at work on the SG6 DPF, which focuses on improved surface texturation.