Sakor Technologies Inc., a leader in testing automation and systems integration and development, launches a new series of testing equipment aimed at optimizing the performance of advanced hybrid-electric and full-electric powertrains.

Okemos, MI-based Sakor calls the new technology HydriDyne and says it can be used to calibrate the performance, efficiency and durability of all aspects of hybrid drivetrains, including electric-assist, diesel-electric and full-electric systems.

HybriDyne relies on blending major components of the company’s DynoLAB PT Engine Test Cell Supervisory System with elements of its DynoLAB EM Electric Motor Test System.

When mated to one or more of Sakor’s AccuDyne AC Motoring Dynamometers, HybriDyne is capable of simultaneously rating the various limits of a particular component or sub-system, as well as an entire powertrain, the company says.

The mechanical control and data acquisition elements of HybriDyne allow it to manage and monitor all major functions of the engine and mechanical system, while the electrical system controls various energy loads, including low-voltage control, high-voltage direct-current and 3-phase alternating-current buses.

Due to its flexibility, HybriDyne can be used for traditional steady-state bench testing, as well as in-use road-load simulations on dynamometers, depending on customer requirements, Sakor says.