More MBS Coverage TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Saturn Div. General Manager Jill Lajdziak is quick to acknowledge that probably the only reason General Motors Corp.'s neglected-until-recently Saturn brand is still standing is because of the strength of its retail network.

Just how warm and fuzzy are those nice Saturn dealers? Lajdziak tells the following story:

A distraught father calls the Saturn customer service center and says his daughter's car has broken down on the highway in Arizona. She is alone, away at college, and rang up her dad for help.

The Saturn customer representative soothes the dad and then starts taking key information such as name, phone numbers, location, type of Saturn.

Then the man announces: “Her car's not a Saturn; she drives a Honda.”

The service rep says: “Sir, are you aware this is a Saturn customer service center?” and the caller says, “Yes, I am. You're the company that cares about people, and that's why I called you.”

“We picked her up, towed her Honda and got her home safely,” Lajdziak says. “There was never a doubt we'd respond in any other way. And that's what makes Saturn a great brand.”