Shanghai General Motors Co. Ltd.’s newly announced 2011-2015 green strategy to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions 15% and boost fuel economy 14% includes introduction of 12 new engines.

Many of those new powerplants will have small displacements, such as a 1.5L 4-cyl. with variable valve timing and 1.4L turbocharged mill. SGM says its goal is to equip 95% of its vehicles with engines in the 1.2L-2.5L range. Direct injection and turbocharging will be applied widely, the auto maker says in a statement.

By 2012, all models sold by SGM in China will be capable of being upgraded to Euro 5/China Phase 5 emission standards.

SGM also will incorporate new aerodynamic design features, lighten vehicle weight and employ stop/start technology to further boost fuel economy.

SGM plans a Buick LaCrosse hybrid in 2011 and will launch the Volt extended-range electric vehicle that same year. A Chevrolet New Sail EV prototype will be shown sometime later this year. Other EVs and hybrids will be introduced in the 2011-2015 period, the auto maker says.