Claiming its technology will literally turn the telematics industry upside down, SmartMove NV, a Belgium-based software developer, demonstrated Tuesday what it calls a complete, fully functional end-to-end Java-based open software solution for the entire telematics pipeline. Called the SmartMove Open Telematics Framework (OTF), it is claimed to be the first end-to-end open telematics solution in the auto industry.

SmartMove executives say the open architecture approach provides a common standard that will allow many different vehicle manufacturers to share common vehicle telematics standards across individual company lines. They also say it can accommodate changing technologies such as broadband, wireless, broadcast and others.

"The SmartMove OTF will allow the industry to invert the old 80-20 rule that currently has 80% of the time and money going toward developing the telematics infrastructure, and only 20% going toward content," says Steven Buytaert, SmartMove co-founder. "With our OTF solution, we believe the industry can now concentrate on developing meaningful and helpful telematics content to improve driver convenience and safety."

Spokesman Wouter Piepers says several OEMs, Tier 1 auto suppliers and wireless suppliers currently are evaluating the system. Several deals and/or collaborative agreements likely will be announced in "days or weeks," he says.

The SmartMove business model establishes three levels in the telematics pipeline and offers a "software solution" for each. The three levels are:

* Service Providers who originate news, information, data and services;

* Service Aggregators such as OnStar or Wingcast;

* The consumer in his or her vehicle, home or office.

SmartMove says its single system integrates all the functionality necessary to service all three levels and is capable of transporting data over an entire range of existing and future communication networks.

It is fully compliant with the Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI) which allows it to communicate with smart appliances and devices in future homes and offices. That means someday, in addition to everything else telematics promise, you will be able check the oil and fuel level of your car and defrost the windows while you're at your kitchen table eating breakfast or turn on your microwave oven to heat your dinner while you're driving home from work.