It's hard to believe but half of 1999 is history and all signs point to a new record for dealers and manufacturers alike.

I have just acquired the year-to-date NCM Client Franchise Benchmarks and without exception, all franchises are having a good year and some are having a phenomenal year.

The Benchmark information published here is based on the performance average of the top 50% of our clients in designated areas. For example, our primary designated performance ranking factor is net profit, pre-tax and owners compensation, as a percentage of total dealership gross.

Review the information that follows and compare your operation's performance to that of the NCM Benchmark Dealer Client. If you are equal to, or exceeding the Benchmark, congratulations. If there is available opportunity, don't hesitate. Take advantage of these good times to make the necessary adjustments. Good selling!

Tony Noland is director of international operations for NCM Associates. He has 30 years of automotive retail experience.