CHICAGO – Even though the ’06 model year doesn’t end for another four months, those ordering a Pontiac Solstice now are being put on a waiting list for ’07 models, deliveries of which won’t begin until October.

"All ’06 Solstice roadsters are sold and accounted for," says a Pontiac spokesman.

Each of the ’06 models still to be built has a firm customer order in a dealer's hand, along with a deposit.

With all orders taken now put on a waiting list, it's obvious Pontiac won't be able to relieve the shortage for some time.

Pontiac hoped to produce 20,000 Solstice roadsters for ’06, its first model year on the market. But a slow production start up means only 18,000 will be built.

Even if all 20,000 were produced, demand still would exceed supply, the spokesman says.

At Saturn Corp., the ’07 Sky went on sale in March and already is sold out for the remaining seven months of the calendar year.

"If you order a Sky today, you'll be told to expect delivery sometime early next year," a Saturn spokesman says.

Saturn won't divulge Sky output, but estimates are it will be half the Solstice production.