Why not take it ALL with you, including your own garage? This summer, we re-established America's birthright — cheap gasoline — and WAW sources indicate automakers have returned to “Bigger is Better” strategies for their next-generation sport/utility vehicles (SUVs).

The thinking: instead of trying to park your 'ute, just bring along a smaller vehicle to navigate tight city streets or parking lots. Disgorge the kids, Starship Enterprise shuttlecraft style, on a scooter or in a Focus, while you continue, uninterrupted, with your phone conversation. You'll never have to use your legs again.

Want to make an impression at the next tailgate party? Pull up in the new Excursion and pull out the hot tub. Try that in a puny BMW X5, yuppie boy.

Okay, we're pulling your leg just a little. This isn't really the next-generation Ford Motor Co. Excursion — it's a new concept in recreational vehicle chassis — innovatively mid-engined — from Spartan. It's appropriately dubbed Me2.

Spartan's selling point: people have more and bigger toys and don't think they should have to leave anything at home. Sounds like an SUV to us.