More stories related to Geneva Motor ShowTURIN – Stola Group will present at the Geneva auto show a static model of a new coupe designed by famous designer Marcello Gandini and built in just five weeks.

The show car is called the Stola S 86 Diamante (Italian for diamond). The S 86 nomenclature continues on a tradition established five years ago with the S 81 concept.

Stola S86 Diamante

Gandini did the design work for the 2-seater, conceived over an existing but undeclared platform. The stringent timetable – going from nothing to a show-concept in five weeks – is meant to demonstrate Stola’s capability for meeting industry demands for fast, high-quality service.

The Stola S86 is 168.3 ins. (427.5 cm) long, 76.0 ins. (193.0 cm) wide and 48.2 ins. (122.5 cm) high. It sits over a wheelbase of 102.4 ins. (260.0 cm), identical with the new Fiat Croma. Front and rear track measure 60.4 ins. (153.5 cm) and 61.2 ins. (155.5 cm), respectively.