Cross Country Automotive Service's dispatch system now automatically follows up with drivers requesting its roadside assistance to let them know that help is on the way, as well as ensure that a tow truck, locksmith or mechanic has arrived as promised.

The Closed Loop Technology is powered by InterVoice-Brite's OneVoice - a call automation platform with text-to-speech technology.

It’s touted as a customer relationship management tool Cross Country offers its clients. Those include American Honda Motor Co., BMW of North America, DaimlerChrysler Corp. and Farmers Insurance Group.

The new system is intended to ensure that customers are kept informed while waiting for a tow truck, locksmith or mechanic after contacting Cross Country’s Roadside Assistance Contact Center.

"When a Farmers driver needs roadside assistance, it is imperative that he or she be made confident that help will arrive on schedule and as promised," says George Bahls, Home Office Claims Manager - Vendor Management at Farmers Insurance Group.

After receiving a roadside assistance request and dispatching service, Cross Country's Closed Loop Technology uses InterVoice-Brite's text-to-speech software to retrieve information from the company’s dispatch database and interpret the roadside assistance service provider's name and estimated time of arrival.

The OneVoice platform then automatically calls the motorist with the information, and reads the information following a scripted message. Once the estimated time of arrival has lapsed, InterVoice-Brite's system contacts the driver one more time to ask whether service was received. If a tow truck or other service is late, or if the driver needs further assistance, drivers can use touchtone or voice commands to transfer to a CCAS customer service associate.

"There's nothing worse than waiting for a tow truck and wondering if it will ever arrive," says Bob Ritchey, president of iVB Enterprise Solutions. "I believe this service is what motorists have been waiting for. They won't have to worry anymore because the automated system will call them back to make sure help has arrived."

Cross Country has a network of 30,000 tow trucks, mechanics and locksmiths that it deploys to assist drivers in need. The company services more than 1 million calls for roadside assistance every month.