A new global survey by KPMG LLP, a U.S. consulting firm, finds automotive executives, representing OEMs and suppliers, are uncertain about a return to profitability in the automotive industry, at least until 2005.

Some 30% of the 100 executives surveyed say they expect auto industry profitability levels of 2000 to return by 2005 at the earliest.

This is drop in confidence from the prior year’s study, which found 36% believed there would be better profits by 2003 and 24% thought profitability would return by 2004. Just 7% of respondents said it would take until 2005 for a recovery.

Other survey findings include a continued rise in market share for foreign brands, with 52% of respondents expecting market share for U.S. auto makers to decline over the next five years. Only 11% say U.S. market share will grow.

In the prior-year’s survey, 51% predicted a decline for U.S. brands, while 22% believed they would rise.

Asian brands are forecast to grow the most, with European brands following, the most recent survey finds.

Additionally, respondents see an increase in the number of vehicles purchased over the Internet, continued consolidation of auto suppliers and an increasing effort to recycle automobiles in the U.S.