TOKYO – Suzuki Motor Corp. is one of two auto makers that dominate the minivehicle scene here.

So it is no surprise the company has a mini model as the centerpiece of the exhibit planned for this year's Tokyo Motor Show, opening to the public for 16 days beginning Oct. 22.

Suzuki LC

Suzuki Ionis

Suzuki P.X

Suzuki Mom's Personal Wagon

The 2-seat LC is a throwback to the 1960s, when most cars in Japan were minis. The tiny concept car is powered by a 0.66L 3-cyl. engine.

But Suzuki also will show a trio of vans, one for the environmentally conscious, one aimed at moms and the third targeted at men.

The Ionis hybrid concept van is loaded with high-tech features, from by-wire steering and braking to futuristic displays on its stylish instrument panel.

Measuring nearly 157.5 ins. (400 cm) long, the model can seat four.

Suzuki characterizes its P.X concept as a luxury van for men. It would appear that designers, judging from the model's strong exterior styling to its cockpit amenities, have hit their mark.

Powered by a 16-valve, 2.0L gasoline engine, the concept P.X has seating for up to six people. The third-row seat can be folded down to create a spacious rear storage compartment.

Suzuki balances out its display with the Mom's Personal Wagon, based on the 0.66L MR Wagon. It features an array of amenities aimed at mothers with children. Measuring 133.7 ins. (339.5 cm) long and 58.1 ins. (147.5 cm) wide, the car seats four.