Ford Motor Co. suffered a black eye a few years back when Mustang enthusiasts charged that the new SVT Cobra wasn't making the advertised 320 hp. Instead, it was coming up 40 to 45 hp short, due to excessive backpressure in the exhaust system. Ford voluntarily recalled all '99 Cobras to replace intake manifolds and exhaust systems to provide for better air flow.

John Coletti, chief engineer for Ford Special Vehicle Engineering, swears the '03 SVT Mustang Cobra, shown at the Chicago Auto Show, will pump out a thundering 390 hp. “I know this engine will produce at least that amount,” he tells WAW. Coletti welcomes all independent testing of the newly supercharged powertrain because he's confident there will be no such snafu. “It won't happen with this one,” Coletti says.