TAIPEI – Taiwan approves a plan to increase the number of vehicles in the country powered by liquefied petroleum gas to 150,000 within five years.

The plan also calls for the establishment of 150 LPG refueling stations at the end of the 5-year period. Taiwan currently has an estimated 12,000 LPG-powered vehicles and 20 LPG refueling stations.

Under the 5-year program that begins this year, purchasers of new LPG-powered vehicles will receive a tax rebate of NT$25,000 ($774) and a voucher good for NT$25,000 worth of LPG.

The program includes placing a subsidy of NT$2.00 ($0.06) on each liter of LPG sold as fuel. Additionally, a NT$8.4 million ($260,000) subsidy would apply to any qualified individual or company willing to set up a LPG refueling station.