A few years ago, car companies started putting radio and climate control buttons on steering wheels. A lot of people thought it was a feature intended to appeal to young buyers.

Turns out, it was designed mainly for aging baby boomers so they wouldn't get distracted taking their hands off the wheel to fiddle with panel buttons.

GM is stepping up its efforts to outfit vehicles for people who aren't as agile as they were when frolicking at Woodstock.

Says a GM spokesman, “If you look at some 79 million baby boomers coming of age, the senior population is really going to expand in the next 10 to 15 years.”

So look for more vehicles with adaptive equipment such as lifts, hand controls and bigger door openings. GM is starting to work with retirees to find out their needs in senior-friendly vehicles of the future.

GM is also considering a tie-in with one or more health care providers, says the spokesman. The idea is that doctors could recommend GM vehicles to disabled patients.