introduces CarFlix HumanVoice, a patent-pending online video application for vehicle inventory on dealer websites.

The firm says the new product automatically creates high-quality videos with real human voices from pictures and data in a dealer's inventory system.

“Dealers are frustrated by the slow turnaround time associated with professionally produced videos, and by the lack of quality in videos created with computer generated voices,” says Rick Gibbs, chief technology officer.

CarFlix produces videos for a dealer's entire inventory in less than an hour, he says.

It includes the ability to pre-record human voices and blend words and phrases together to form realistic voiceovers for video. says it worked with industry analysts to determine which features on different vehicles are most important to potential buyers. For example, a video for a truck might emphasize four-wheel drive and a V-8 engine, while a video for a luxury car might emphasize its leather interior and heated seats.

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