The little-noticed Muslim revolt in southern Thailand hits the headlines and the auto industry with near-simultaneous bomb attacks on eight car showrooms and motorcycle dealerships in the city of Yala, 895 miles (1,440 km) south of Bangkok.

The bombs, which were planted under car seats by assailants posing as customers, wounded 13 people and wrecked 12 cars, press reports say. The bombs reportedly bore the trademarks of Muslim separatists.

The showrooms hit sell Hondas, Isuzus, Nissans, Fords and Chevrolets.

A Honda Motor Co. Ltd. official in Thailand tells reporters a caller telephoned a few minutes beforehand to warn of the attack and tell people to leave the building.

An Islamic separatist movement has been operating in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces since 2004.

Since then more than 1,800 people have died in the violence.