Here are AutoUSA tips for successful special-finance operations:

  • Have a separate department that is set up to handle special-finance leads, as there are issues surrounding these leads that require special handling.

  • Questions that must be asked about a person's credit history (i.e. have they filed bankruptcy?) and the reasons for their lower credit scores (i.e. divorce, job loss, etc.) require sensitivity and knowledge of the legalities.

  • Staffers in a special-finance department work more closely with the various banks or lending institutions to finance the loan, as more information is needed and there is more paperwork required for this type of loan.

  • Dealer should stock the right inventory for this type of customer. On the plus side, a special-finance customer isn't as picky as someone who can finance a $30,000 new car. The special-finance customer just wants a car. A dealer should stock up on low-end vehicles for this customer. These cars are typically older, with higher mileage.