Toyota, Ford, GM lead the way in environmentally friendly vehicles

The and the R. L. Polk & Co. yesterday announced the winners of the 2002 model year Automotive Market Environmental Sensitivity (AMES) Awards.

Toyota Motor Co. was a big winner with its 2002 brand models winning 14 AMES Awards, including five for "Best in Class" in the car segments.

Ford Motor Company won 11 Awards, including four "Best in Class" in the light truck segments. General Motors, meanwhile, had 10 Award winners, including an industry leading five light-truck Awards. uses tailpipe emissions and fuel economy to develop a vehicle's environmental performance rating. The top environmentally performing vehicle in each of fifteen vehicle classes receives a "Best" AMES Award; those in the upper quarter of each class receive a "Preferred" AMES Award.

For a the list of AMES Award winning vehicles, click here .