Toyota Motor Engineering and Mfg. North America Inc. (TEMA) announces a round of promotions and new assignments today.

Don Jackson, current vice president-quality and production at Toyota’s new San Antonio manufacturing plant, now is a senior vice president-quality and production there.

Atsushi Kume, department general manager for Toyota Motor Corp.’s Global Purchasing Planning Div., takes over as senior vice president-purchasing, for TEMA.

Kazhiro Somiya, vice president-production engineering, at TEMA is promoted to a senior vice president.

Pete Gritton, vice president-human resources, at Toyota Motor Mfg. Kentucky Inc. and TEMA, will hold the same role now just for TEMA.

General managers receiving promotions or new assignments include Mike Botkin, assistant general manager-production control, at TMMK and TEMA, who will hold the title of general manager; and Doug Formby, general manager-production control at TEMA and Toyota Motor Mfg. Indiana Inc., will take on the additional duty of general manager-New Project Office Preparation.

All appointments or title changes take effect Jan. 2.