Toyota Motor Corp. drops the sporty MR2, ending a 10-year run. The Pontiac Fiero-fighting MR2's best year was 1985, when it debuted, as Americans snapped up 32,314. Even so, it long outlasted Fiero, which suffered burnout in 1988. Dubbed "Mr. Two" by its cultish following, the 2-seater fell victim to its high price, $24,000 to $30,000, and a soft market for sporty coupes. During this year's first half Toyota sold exactly 259 MR2s, which can scoot from zero to 60 mph in 8 seconds. Mr. Two's demise may be a harbinger of more to come. The 1994 sales of the Mazda RX7 (2,212), Nissan 300ZX (6,246), and Acura NSX-T (533) make them candidates to retreat from the U.S. market.