Toyota's new message is clear: no more Mr. Nice Guy. No more holding back while the harsh winds of trade politics blow over. Toyota wants to boost its North American sales to 1.2 million cars and trucks by 2000, up from slightly more than 1 million last year. That's a lofty goal given industry projections showing sales remaining flat through the rest of the decade. The target only slightly exceeds Toyota's total capacity for the U.S. and Canada, which will be 1.1 million after doubling the size of its factories in Georgetown, KY, Cambridge, Ont., and opening the new Princeton, IN, 100,000-unit T100 pickup plant in 1998. Says Toyota Motor Sales CEO Shinji Sakai, "Quick and flexible product development will be crucial in this effort. That's why Toyota is working to reduce our average new-product development cycle to 18 months." Did he say average?