TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Dura Automotive Systems Inc. has been marketing its power window-lift systems to auto makers based mostly on the fact the mechanisms are simpler and lower-cost than conventional systems.

However, a spate of recent highly publicized tragedies – children accidentally choked to death by power windows – has sparked more interest from OEMs in the systems, which offer an “anti-pinch” feature as a low-cost add-on, says Larry Denton, Dura’s president and CEO.

Denton says the new window mechanism already has been sourced for one upcoming vehicle and is being looked at closely for five more new products by potential customers. Nevertheless, Denton downplays how big an impact the recent events may have on overall sales based strictly on the child-safety aspect.

The anti-pinch feature is standard on most European vehicles and a growing number of North American vehicles, but several other suppliers offer similar anti-pinch technology.

Moreover, there are other ways for auto makers to reduce the risk of children accidentally being choked to death, such as changing the configuration of window switches.