Toyota Motor Corp. has discovered a problem in the 6-speed automatic transmissions fitted to some early-build V-6 versions of the all-new ’07 Camry sedan built in Georgetown, KY.

The auto maker says less than 1% of early production is affected by the issue, which stems from a faulty fastener in the transmission’s clutch pack that may cause the loss of second and sixth gears.

The problem does not affect the safety of the vehicle, as the transmission still will operate in the remaining four gears.

The cause of the condition, which usually occurs in the first 500 miles (805 km), has been pinpointed and corrected on current production models, Toyota says.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. reportedly has received only one complaint about the issue. The agency has not started an investigation or asked for a recall of the vehicles.

Toyota is asking owners of affected vehicles to contact their dealers or the company through its customer-service line.