While it took Jack Smith a few years to catch up to his counterparts at Ford and Chrysler, Messrs. Trotman and Eaton add to their bonus stockpiles. Mr. Trotman receives $6.6 million in bonuses and other cash on top of his $1.5 million salary to reach the $8.1 million mark. Mr. Eaton takes a 33% cut in 1994 with a total of $6.2 million, but still out-earns his former GM boss. Others getting big 1994 paydays at Ford are retired Vice Chairman Allan Gilmour at $5 million, executive VP Edward Hagenlocker at $3.9 million and Vice Chairman Louis Ross at $3.6 million. Chrysler's Chief Administrative Officer Thomas Denomme makes $3.4 million and President Robert Lutz receives $3.3 million for 1994. Because bonuses are linked to company profit performance these days, the dough should continue rolling in as the carmakers start 1995 at a record clip (see table in Editorial, p. 7).