PARIS – Renault SA is attacking the high and low end of the entry-level market with its new Twingo.

The car, which goes on sale June 15 in France, Italy and Slovenia (where it is built), will have a no-frills model for €7,990 ($10,775) and a diesel luxury version for €16,220 ($21,874).

Each of those bookends is expected to account for 5% of Twingo sales, leaving 90% of buyers to choose something between €9,300 ($12,542) and €15,400 ($20,768). Renault announced prices after showing the car to dealers at the French national stadium in suburban Paris.

At the low end, the new Twingo undercuts all its major brand competitors in France. The Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Volkswagen Fox start at €550-€1,000 ($742-$1,349) more, and even the basic Fiat Panda is prices €400 ($539) higher.

The base Twingo will have electronic stability control, emergency brake assist and airbags (not required in Europe), but not much else. Power steering, central locking, adjustable steering wheel and electric windows only show up at the second trim level, at €9,300.

Renault will charge an extra €2,050 ($2,765) for the 65-hp 1.5L dCi diesel engine. The base gasoline engine is a 60-hp 1.2L, also available in a 16-valve version rated at 75 hp.

With a list of cute options, the new Twingo also will try to cash in on the tendency among young buyers to personalize their car. Decals to decorate the exterior are available in three sets – €90 ($121) for all three – to be applied by the owner, or the whole collection can be installed by the dealer for €115 ($155).

Different boxes, including one for makeup, can be purchased to put in the cup holder, and a €200 ($270) audio option can pipe MP3-formatted music through the car’s speaker system.