Integrated computer applications from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and ADP Dealer Services aim to make it easier and more cost-effective for auto dealerships to rent cars as service loaners.

Enterprise integrates its Automated Rental Management System (ARMS) with ADP's w.e.b.Suite2006 Dealer Management System (DMS) to facilitate two-way electronic communications.

The match up is intended to streamline invoicing and better manage costs by sending electronic authorizations directly from the dealership to Enterprise. The system also integrates all of the renter's information to speed up the transaction.

“The ARMS application will be a significant improvement over the current time-consuming manual process,” says Kevin Henahan, ADP's senior vice president-marketing. “Dealerships also will be able to better analyze and manage the rental process on every level.”

Dealerships can authorize a rental car when they are initiating a service repair order. The renter's information, along with the number of days authorized, is sent to Enterprise electronically.

If the dealership needs to extend the rental, information goes directly to Enterprise, eliminating follow-up phone calls or faxes. Dealerships can view invoice information online.