United Auto Workers union President Ron Gettelfinger received a 2.3% raise last year, a Labor Dept. report reveals.

The increase comes after Gettelfinger and other UAW officers agreed to a 2.5% pay cut in 2005.

Gettelfinger earned $145,126 in salary for 2006, plus $13,405 in allowances, bringing his total compensation to $158,530. In 2004, prior to his pay cut, Gettelfinger earned $145,466, the report shows.

In total, UAW employees received $90 million in salary last year, with officers making a combined $2.9 million.

Despite dwindling membership – the UAW currently has about 500,000 members – the union reported assets of $1.23 billion in 2006, similar to 2005. The UAW’s income was $303.8 million, including $59 million in interest and $191 million in union dues for 2006. Dues were down about 3% vs. like-2005, the report says.