If General Motors Corp. gives the green light to Cadillac's midengine 2-seat Cien V-12 concept supercar, it could be built in the U.K. “Personally, I'd very much like to do it,” says Bob Lutz, GM's product czar. “We're in the process to see what, when and where to do it and how much it would cost. Building the Cien through a U.K. specialty house wouldn't bother us. Ford (Motor Co.) didn't have a problem with the GT40 originally being a Lola GT.” Sources suggest Group Lotus plc is favored as the assembly site. However, Lutz issues a word of caution. “Much as I would love to do everything — the Bel Air, obviously the Solstice — it's a lot like making babies,” he says. “That's the fun part of it. But I've already got a lot of kids and now have to put them through university and have to ask, do I really want to have more?”