VIENNA – Ukrainian auto maker Korporatsya Bogdan launches export of car-based light-delivery vans under its own brand to Russia.

Ukrainian-made passenger cars could be sold there in the future, as well.

Until now, the auto maker only exported its buses to Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries.

In its plant in Cherkassy, Bogdan assembles OAO AvtoVAZ’s Lada cars, as well as Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. cars and cross/utility vehicles from both semi- and complete-knocked-down kits.

Bogdan’s portfolio includes CKD assembly of the Lada 2110 sedan and 2111 station wagon, models that no longer are produced in Russia.

Based on the Lada 2110, Bogdan created a light-delivery van under its own brand, a version never manufactured at AvtoVAZ in Russia.

Badged as the Bogdan 2310, the vehicle is 168 ins. (426.5 cm) long and offers a 1,213-lb. (550-kg) payload. It is powered by either a 1.6L, 80- or 89-hp gasoline engine.

Russia is the first foreign market where the 2310 will be shipped. It will sell at a base price of RR279,000 ($9,482).

The first 300 Bogdan 2310s are on their way to the company’s Russian distribution partner OOO Avtotormarket. The Ukrainian auto maker hopes to sell at least 10,000 vehicles through Avtotormarket’s network this year. In addition, there is a second Russian distribution partner, OOO Sistema Avto.

Bogdan also intends to sell the Bogdan 2310 in other CIS markets, where the auto maker already exports buses.