UCMLink is launching UCMLink.com, billed as the only website that allows used-car managers and dealers to find, list, trade, request, and communicate about inventoryl in one place.

UCMLink.com combines aspects of Facebook, Craigslist, and Autotrader in a unique dealer-to-dealer wholesale environment.” says Robert Benoit, founder of UCMLink, “Managers are able to broadcast their needs, requests, and inventory, instantly through a comprehensive network”.

The network expands audience size for used-car managers. It is not a retail site. Access is only available to U.S. car wholesalers and dealers who must register in order to view or post vehicles.

An added feature, however, is a retail “view” that dealers can switch to if they have a customer in front of them and want to show the vehicle, but not details like wholesale pricing, location, or competitor contact information.

UCMLink.com is not a third-party or bidding site. Members are simply sent an email or text message with the vehicle description and contact information. That vehicle is then posted to the website for review.