General Motors Corp. continues its downsizing strategy by introducing the all-new '10 GMC Terrain midsize cross/utility vehicle.

GM shows the 5-passenger Terrain, which borrows design cues from the GMC Acadia large CUV, alongside the GMC Yukon Denali 2-Mode Hybrid.

The Denali hybrid represents the second application of GM's 2-Mode Hybrid operating system on the Yukon, but the Denali trim level adds a heavy dose of luxury to the vehicle, as well.

The star of the GMC display is the Terrain.

As with the '10 Chevrolet Equinox midsize CUV, with which it shares its Theta Epsilon II platform, the Terrain receives two all-new spark-ignition direct-injection gasoline engines.

The Terrain follows the Equinox to market in GM's plan calling for 22 of the auto maker's 24 new-vehicle launches over the next three years to be passenger cars or CUVs.