PARIS — The new co-developed sport/utility vehicle (SUV) from Volkswagen AG and Porsche AG will have a full engine lineup, including a direct-injection (DI) diesel.

The VW Colorado, which will be built in Bratislava, will be equipped with DOHC V-6 and V-8 gasoline engines and a 5L V-10 DI twin-turbocharged diesel. VW may also add the new Audi V-12 engine to the lineup.

Porsche's Cayenne, which will be built at a new plant in Leipzig, will be offered with a choice of V-8 and V-10 engines. Both vehicles will share the same all-wheel-drive system but will have a different torque-split — 50/50 front/rear in the VW and 40/60 front/rear in the Porsche. VW's SUV is expected first and will enter production during 2001-2002.