Rumors are swirling that some top General Motors Corp. execs could be on the way out after President G. Richard Wagoner, 47, steps into the chief executive officer's job on June 1. But Mr. Wagoner says he has "no great plans to push out a lot of people." And he politely declines comment when asked about a mid-May report in Forbes magazine that the automaker is searching to replace Chief Financial Officer J. Michael Losh. "Mike is doing a great job, he's a personal friend, he's been in the job for a good while. I don't think beyond that it's appropriate for me to speculate on what are clearly rumors," he tells reporters following an unrelated press conference. "I think we've got a pretty good team," he says, "and we've had a chance to really gel over the last year, year and a half, and I'd really like to push on the results." Mr. Losh, 54, succeeded Mr. Wagoner as chief financial officer in July 1994.