Expect General Motors Corp.'s G. Richard Wagoner Jr. to hold on to the triumvirate of titles he'll have when the current president and chief operating officer becomes chief executive officer June 1.

“I don't want a layer between me and the product. I want to stay close to the product. I have no plans to change that immediately,” says Mr. Wagoner.

The 47-year-old affable executive will replace current chief executive and Chairman John F. Smith Jr. Some might have suspected Mr. Wagoner to pass on the presidency, but he insists he has no plans to do so. “I can do the CEO and president jobs comfortably. Jack is going to stay on as chairman for an indefinite period, which means more than just two months, and he'll handle more of the travel. He's terrific in his relations with the Japanese and Koreans,” Mr. Wagoner says.