The Ward's editorial staff won 11 2006 International Wheel Awards at a ceremony at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, the most honors by any competing media outlet.

The Wheel Awards, presented by the Detroit Press Club Foundation, honor the best in automotive journalism. picked up eight awards, including three first-place prizes, while Ward's AutoWorld magazine took three.

First place prizes went to:

  • Cliff Banks and Steve Miller, for their story on the boycott of Ford Motor Co. by the American Family Assn.
  • Barbara McClellan, for her commentary on the boycott of Ford by the AFA.
  • Tom Murphy, for his review of Honda Motor Co. Ltd.'s first pickup truck, the Ridgeline.

Placing second were:

  • Christie Schweinsberg, Drew Winter, Kevin Kelly and John Stoll, for their “New Age Marketing” story on auto makers' efforts to market their vehicles in unorthodox ways.
  • Dave Zoia, for his “Use It or Lose It” commentary, which focused on General Motors Corp.
  • Bill Visnic, for his review of the '06 BMW M5.
  • Schweinsberg, for her review of the new Lexus IS.

Alisa Priddle and Bill Visnic each earned third-place awards.