If you know your credit score, you'll know your rate. Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is promising that with its new “Scion Solutions” programs.

“Our haggle-free financing approach is similar to the set price tag Toyota is placing on the Scion vehicles,” says Dave Nordstrom, TFS corporate manager of products. “With Scion Solutions, we wanted to make car financing a simple process so that there is no need to negotiate. What you see is what you get.”

The new program supports Toyota's edgy new line of Scion vehicles aimed at the youth market.

In addition to the “haggle-free” finance experience, a number of Scion Solutions programs help all kinds of buyers, including recent college graduates, those with limited credit history no credit history.

The Scion Solutions website, located under the “Possess” link on www.scion.com, also features a detailed section on the car-buying experience for those who want to learn more about this sometimes overwhelming process.

“Simplicity is the key with the Scion buyer,” says Nordstrom. “They are looking for a consistent and transparent finance process, so that is what we are going to give them.”

Scion and its unique financing rolls out in select California Scion dealerships this summer. They'll be a dealerships in the South, Southeast and East Coast in February.