1 Wife, Cindy, whom he met at the Castle Park resort near Holland, Michigan, while a college student. "The guy would only hire southern college boys," he says with a Georgian drawl. Cindy is originally from Bloomfield Hills. Her father, Karl Scott, once served as president of Ford Motor Company of Canada. Cindy holds nursing and master's degrees from the University of Michigan. She remains active in teaching and volunteer work, including a free-health clinic on Hilton Head Island, SC, where the Morcotts have a home.

2 Children, Deborah and Scott. An interior decorator, Deborah is married to Pedro Borio, a diplomat. They live in Brazil where their first child, a boy, was born last November. Scott, a former University of Pennsylvania quarterback, is a family practice physician in Lake Forest, Illinois. He and his wife, Rhian, have three children. Deborah was born in Germany, Scott in Canada. "One thing about the auto industry," says Woody, "kids have marvelous opportunities."

3 Corporate boards he sits on, including Johnson Controls Inc., CSX Corp. and Phelps Dodge Corp.

4 Years spent in 1960s at Dana's Perfect Circle Piston Ring Plant in Tipton, Indiana, where at age 28 he became plant manager. "We had one product line and it was technically obsolete. We were losing our shirts." Dana considered closing the plant, and 10 percent of the workforce was laid off. A year later "we were filled up and we hired back everybody," says Woody. The lesson he learned: "You've got to focus on your business or get out." As Dana CEO, Woody shed dozens of operations that "we were not good at," offset by acquisitions focusing on its strengths.

5 Percentage-point return on sales (ROS) Dana has averaged in recent years.

6 Percentage-point ROS Woody has targeted.

7 Years Woody and Cindy have spent outside the United States, including military service and Dana assignments.

8 Number of automakers Woody estimates will eventually survive, including four in Europe, two in the United States and two in Japan.

10 Generations he can trace on his mother's side, 12 on his father's. Both had roots in England.

11 Years he has served as Dana's chief executive officer, starting as president in 1989 and adding the chairmanship in 1990.

12 Months it took Woody to earn his master's of business administration (MBA) from the University of Michigan (in 1964) by taking extra course loads, half the time in typically takes.

12 Woody's golfing handicap.

'20s The decade when his grandfather, a lawyer, became district attorney in Miami. "Miami was just beginning to grow, and Al Capone was down there with his gang," says Woody, adding with a chuckle that "they ran grandfather out of town; he had to leave." He settled in Forsyth, GA (population 4,000), named for John Forsyth, secretary of state under Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Forsyth is about 75 miles south of Covington.

25 Miles from Charlotte, North Carolina, to the village of Davidson (population 4,000), where Woody received his bachelor's degree from Davidson College in 1960. "There were 1,000 students then, all men. I was on the swim team. There were lots of opportunities to compete." His parents had met as students at the University of Georgia. "All I heard all my life was the 'Georgia Bulldogs.'" He opted instead for Davidson, which was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, his family's home church.

30 Day this month he'll retire.

33 Countries worldwide where Dana has operations.

37 Years of Woody's tenure with Dana where, while still a college student, he met founder Charles Dana. A few years later he joined the company, but it was not old home week, "He never would've remembered me from Adam," Woody quips.

40 Dana acquisitions during Woody's tenure as chairman.

'48 Model-year of his first car, a 1948 Chevy coupe.

50 Dollars he earned on each Kirby Vacuum cleaner he sold door-to-door during summer breaks from college in the late'50s; in Charlotte, North Carolina.

'60-'63 Years Woody spent in U.S. Army as an artillery officer, including postings at Fort Bragg, NC, and two years in Germany. Woody spent two years in the ROTC at Davidson College. He had a close call while serving during this period as a National Guard Reserve Officer. At summer camp in Grayling, MI, "A 105 mm shell (live) dropped on the observation post where if I was located," he recalls. "It was the wrong powder charge - four bags instead of five - and when it landed, shrapnel tore through my footlocker. The Lord was looking after me. I learned a lot about quality - zero defects - that day."

62 Age Woody will reach tomorrow, his birthday.

80 Percentage of ideas submitted by Dana employees that are implemented. Each employee from Woody on down is asked to submit two ideas monthly.

'95 Year Dana won the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge quality award.

'98 Year Woody was named the automotive industry's Leader of the Year by the Automotive Hall of Fame.

330 Dana facilities worldwide.

705 IBM computer model he worked with at the Ford Motor Company in the late '50s during summer break from college, his first blush with computers. "The 705 was the latest computer. We used it for payroll checks and to handle circulation on the Ford Times (a Ford magazine then circulated by dealers to customers). We worked in a fish bowl; we set it up to demonstrate how good we were."

1,000 His estimated net worth when he joined Dana in 1963 as assistant to the director of corporate relations. "The day I started with Dana I was in a negative asset position; I owed the bank more than my net assets. A Ford Anglia was my only possession," he recalls.

5,200 Population of his birthplace, Covington, Georgia, when he was growing up.Population now: 10,000. Covington is 30 miles east of Atlanta. It's the seat of Newton County, whose vintage-1884 courthouse was the setting for "In the Heat of the Night," the TV series that ran eight seasons. Woody's father had a general insurance agency and also sold real estate. His mother earned a master's degree in child psychology at Georgia. His parents, who died in 1997, were married 65 years. "I go back there (Covington) frequently for gut checks," he says. "They have no clue about the world I'm in. I have two close friends from K-12 I still see. I go to the drugstore with my father's old buddies. I love it." Woody inherited his first name from his father; it also was the last name of his great-grandfather. He gets his middle name from his grandmother's maiden name.

8,000 Acreage of a Boy Scout camp his father helped build in Covington. Woody is recipient of the Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. "What I've learned about leadership started with the Boy Scouts," he says. "You can't learn the art of leadership in business school or law school. You've got to learn by doing."

86,000 Dana employees worldwide.

5 billion Dana's dollar sales when Woody became chairman in 1990.

13 billion Dana's dollar sales in 1999, on the eve of his retirement.