The Wynn Oil Company enters a strategic alliance with e-fin, Electronic Financial Mark-etplace (www.e-, an online, indirect auto finance channel.

Wynn's Warranty Division markets vehicle service contracts and product warranty programs to car buyers through approximately 10,000 franchised and independent auto dealers.

Vice President and General Manager Don DiCostanzo of the Wynn's Warranty Division says, "Wynn's has become the market leader in the warranty business through servicing the automotive dealers for the past 28 years, and we applaud e-fin's commitment to market through the dealer.

"After researching the e-commerce automotive market, we believe that e-fin is the virtual portal that will be successful in the automotive market."

He says that through e-fin, F&I managers in independent and franchised dealerships can choose financial products matched to their dealership and customer profiles, quickly and without the previous limitationsimposed by time, money, and geography.

This is done by utilizing powerful Internet communication technology managed through the e-fin site. The service also provides unparalleled transaction privacy, with all information running through secure e-fin channels.

"e-fin's and Wynn's views of the world are in very positive alignment - to support the dealers and to bring efficiencies to the financing transaction that benefit dealers, lenders, and ultimately the consumer," says David Sinclair, e-fin's President and CEO.

He adds, "Our alliance with Wynn's became an easy decision when we recognized what each was able to bring to the relationship. Wynn's brought a strong history of product and service excellence and a large dealer base and a strong direct sales force. And, e-fin brought an e-commerce channel to Wynn's that will give them a unique competitive advantage for their warranty products," he adds.

A subsidiary of Wynn International, Inc., Wynn Oil Company is comprised of two primary divisions dedicated to the automotive industry.

The Warranty Division markets service contracts and product warranty programs to consumers through approximately 10,000 franchised and independent auto dealers throughout the country.

More than 200 dealers nationwide have chosen e-fin Electronic Financial Marketplace as their source for electronic credit transactions, as well as a variety of lending sources, prime to subprime.

e-fin aims to provide dealers with access to more financing resources while decreasing application approval time and providing direct marketing databases of credit application submissions.

F&I industry veteran Lou Feagles is the new president of financial services for JM Family Enterprises and president of JM&A Group, in an executive realignment.

The change advances Ken Czubay to president of the corporation's Southeast Toyota Distributors organization.

Mr. Feagles joined the JM staff in 1998 after serving as chief executive officer for the auto finance group of KeyCorp based in Cleveland. He also had served at Chrysler Financial, Marine Midland and Ford Credit's Primus affiliate.

Mr. Feagles, who succeeds Mr. Czubay as president of JM&A Group, has been serving as president of JM's World Omni Financial Corp., which offers a full line of financial products and services. Mr. Czubay joined JM in 1990 and is entering his 30th year in the auto industry, with prior service at Ford, Nissan and as a partner in a dealership group.

Southeast Toyota owns JM Lexus, Margate, FL, and also provides Toyota and Lexus vehicles to 162 dealerships in five states. JM is based in Deerfield Beach, FL.

A new sub-prime provider, Flagship Credit Corp., has been formed by the merger of ProCredit, Inc., and Franklin Acceptance Corp.

Michael C. Ritter, Flagship president and chief executive officer, says the alliance offers dealers a non- prime "partner" for "innovative product and top-flight service."

Flagship is based in Philadelphia. Parent company is Itochu Corp.

Flagship plans to open operations this fall in Arizona. Other Flagship offices are in Allentown, PA, and Greenbelt and Lanham, MD.

Only about 20% of dealers take advantage of the lease termination lists they receive from automotive lessors, according to Stuart Angert, co-founder of Niagra Falls NY-based Remarketing Services of America (RSA).

"These are lists of people who have proven credit," Mr. Angert observes. "They've made their payments as they agreed they would, and now they need to make a purchase or lease decision very soon. They've been coming to your dealership to get their leased vehicles serviced. What better market could a dealer ask for?"

Mr. Angert points out that if the sales manager or lease manager doesn't contact the customer in advance of the end of the lease, the customer regards the lease as nothing more than a kind of rental and says to himself, "I'm driving a Chevy this time; maybe I'll go down the street and get a Ford when this lease expires."

Mr. Angert says relationship-oriented sales managers see the lease termination list as a golden opportunity. And forget the gloom and doom reports about the leasing business, he says. The leasing business will continue to grow.

"Some of the non-captive lenders may be having trouble because of high residuals," he says, "but it's a great time for dealers and customers alike because people need affordable cars, and the sale price of the average new vehicle may be too high for about 50% of working people. Leasing continues to be the affordable alternative."