With the U.S set to get Mazda Motor Corp.'s first sport/utility vehicle (SUV) in several years (see p.70), the Japanese automaker says it may add larger light trucks to its product lineup here. The scenario for a fullsize pickup is more likely than a fullsize SUV, says Richard Beattie, president and chief operating officer of Mazda's North American Operations. "(A fullsize SUV) is a possibility. But I think from Mazda's point of view we've been known as a manufacturer that provides smaller but very sporty vehicles. It's very important that we stick to our brand heritage," Mr. Beattie tells WAW. Although a move by Mazda into the large truck sector would signal a brand change, it's conceivable, considering the U.S production capabilities offered through part-owner Ford Motor Co. The automakers currently produce vehicles together at three U.S. facilities.