There are many reasons for consumers to check their credit report for errors. A Nebraska woman found one she couldn't believe. The report said she was dead.

Mary McCreary had been looking for a good deal on a used car. She found a few good prospects and headed to a bank for a loan. Instead she got something akin to a eulogy.

“When I talked to the loan officer she told me that my information showed that I was deceased and obviously that's not the case because I'm still here,” McCreary tells KOLN-TV in Lincoln, NE.

She went online and ordered a free credit report. It, too, said she was deceased.

Most of the other information was correct, including her past jobs. But after she got divorced and went back to her maiden name, the current status indicated she'd passed on, a status that complicated her car-buying efforts.

CSC Credit Services said it will correct the mistake and amend all her credit reports.