BMW AG's 3.0L turbocharged DOHC I-6 couldn't be more delicious if its internals were cast from solid Noka chocolate.

The seminal BMW inline 6-cyl. format is the best of the best on just about any day, but when its engineers strapped on a couple of the quickest-acting turbochargers we've ever experienced, the result is pure engineering bliss.

By today's standards, the absolute figure of 300 hp isn't necessarily that big a deal. But the 300 lb.-ft. (407 Nm) of torque is what makes the blown BMW six stand head and shoulders above the sea of V-6s that dominate the market — most sporting at least another half-liter of displacement.

We said it last year when this engine won a 10 Best Engines award in its first year of eligibility: Many engine developers insisted they eradicated turbo “lag.”

BMW, with help from turbo maker Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., finally delivers. There absolutely is no waiting with this engine.


Engine type: 3.0L Turbocharged DOHC I-6

Displacement (cc): 2,979

Block/head material: aluminum/aluminum

Bore × stroke (mm): 84 × 89

Horsepower (SAE net): 300 @ 5,800 rpm

Torque: 300 lb.-ft. (407 Nm) @ 1,400-5,000 rpm

Specific output: 100 hp/L

Compression ratio: 10.2:1

Assembly site: Steyr, Austria

Application tested: 335i

EPA fuel economy, city/highway (mpg): 17/26