U.K. motorists generally are positive about the concept of the autonomous car.

A survey commissioned by automotive parts and systems supplier Bosch finds more than one-third of drivers in the country think autonomous cars would reduce traffic accidents.

Men are more at ease with the idea of autonomous vehicles; 44% think they would lower accidents compared with 21% of women.

The survey also shows motorists welcome existing safety and comfort technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, electronic stability control and predictive emergency braking. Respondents indicate that in addition to these features, many drivers would actively consider buying an autonomous car in the future.

Bosch U.K. President Peter Fouquet says the supplier is developing safety and assistance systems for both high-end and low-priced vehicles, seeking to make driving even more safe, comfortable and cost-effective.

“Our research clearly shows consumers have confidence in driver-assistance technologies such as driver-drowsiness detection,” he says in a statement. “With each innovation, we move a step closer to the goal of accident-free and fully automated driving.”