More stories related to SAE Land Rover confirms plans to expand the LR3 midsize SUV line to include a 4L V-6 engine beginning in July.

LR3 adds V-6 to spec sheet.

The British auto maker has enjoyed early success with the vehicle, which currently is powered by a 300-hp 4.4L V-8 and bases at $45,000. The addition of the 216-hp V-6 slashes the bottom-line sticker to $38,950, Land Rover officials say. (See related story: Land Rover to Bring V-6 LR3 to U.S. This Year)

No matter the engine, the LR3 will carry a 6-speed transmission exclusively and feature a load of off-road technologies coupled to its 4-wheel-drive system. The V-6 editions will come in a pair of trim levels, the base SE and $3,000 Limited package.