“When things are good, the automakers seem to think they can play in our sandbox….We can't build the cars and by god, they can't sell the cars.”
Ron Tonkin of the Ron Tonkin Dealership Group, on his perspective of the dealer/OEM relationship.

Chrysler dealers fight like junk yard dogs. They have survived with crap the last 25 years.”
Columnist Jerry Flint complimenting Chrysler dealers for doing well with allegedly inferior products.

“This is not a luxury vehicle for wimps!”
Mark LaNeve — Cadillac's general manager, offering his take of the Cadillac Escalade.

“In fact, my wife is going out this afternoon to buy a Cadillac Escalade.”
John Anderson of Anderson Honda, Palo Alton, CA, on what he thinks of Cadillac's new product line.