“It amazes me that Detroit dealerships are open two nights a week and closed on Saturday and Sunday, when most people are likely to be shopping for cars. You need to take a day off work there to shop for a car. It's great for dealership employees, but not customers.”
California dealer Fritz Hitchcock Fritz Hitchcock

“We didn't hire Bob to just come in, bless the stuff we are doing and take it easy. We expect him to make some waves.”
General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner on hiring former Chrysler Corp. vice chairman to serve as GM's VP of product development.

“This is a heck of a coup for GM. Just amazing. Bob Lutz is the best product person I've ever worked with”
Dennis Pawley, former Chrysler excecutive vp of manufacturing.

“The customer isn't always right.”
Bob Lutz, adding that the customer doesn't usually know what he or she wants.