LOS ANGELES – The Scion CH-R concept CUV is a 90% approximation of the production model the brand will retail in the U.S. in 2017.

“There’ll be some tweaks to it, (but) it’s very close,” Scion’s newly installed vice president, Andrew Gilleland, tells WardsAuto here in an interview during the 2015 Los Angeles auto show.

The wildly styled CH-R will join the hot-and-getting-hotter-by-the-day compact CUV segment, which should boost interest and volume for the struggling brand.

“I can tell you we’re numbers-driven, but you don’t need to be looking at too many numbers to realize the size of the small-(CUV) segment, and I think that’s just going to get more and more acute,” says Gilleland. “Fuel prices are pretty moderate and we figured out how to make really efficient motors that get good fuel economy, so I don’t see that (segment) slowing down anytime soon.”

WardsAuto’s Small CUV sector rose 49.0% through October, compared with only a 2.0% rise in the Upper Small car group. However, Upper Small, which includes the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, still is the bigger segment, with year-to-date volume of 1.88 million vs. 607,932 in Small CUV.

Also likely to help boost volume for the future Scion CUV is the fact it will not have a Toyota-brand twin in the U.S., Gilleland says, which should be helpful at the retail level as Scion and Toyota models are displayed in the same showrooms.

Toyota originally debuted the CH-R at the 2014 Paris auto show. It will be sold in Europe as a Toyota.