Cadillac’s new flagship sedan, the CT6, is arriving now in showrooms, and the first 35 customers in the U.S. took delivery in March. No matter the trim level or price point, every CT6 comes with Bose premium audio, including the range-topping Panaray system that is an auditory marvel.

Panaray is the first offering from the Bose Advanced Technology Series, which leverages in the automotive environment much of the company’s expertise in home and professional audio systems.

What’s it like listening to 34 speakers powered by four amplifiers with a total output of 570 watts?

To ride in the CT6 is like bathing in music that may be familiar to the ear but never has been experienced with such clarity. The vocals seem to emanate from the windshield while the instruments swirl together from all points in the cabin, reaching your ear at precisely the right moment. This takes surround sound to a new level.

Seated inside a stationary CT6 for a Panaray demo, the experience gets more intense with a large video screen in front of the car to reinforce the system’s wide-ranging capabilities.

The beating of drums, fingers on strings, voices raised in harmony, a symphony that begins with crickets chirping, a single chord sustained on a grand piano and the gentle resonance of wind chimes – it’s all so visceral and pure, without a hint of distortion or speaker strain.

Panaray is not the most powerful factory-installed audio system on the market. Rated at 570 watts, it pales in comparison with 1,900-watt systems currently available.

But Bose sound never has been dependent on brute strength and big speakers. In fact, there’s only one big speaker – a 10-in. (255-mm) woofer in the center of the rear deck to bolster the low end.

​Panaray also incorporates six 4-in. (100-mm) speakers – two each in the instrument panel near the A-pillars and one in each of the four doors. Specially designed enclosures minimize vibration or buzzing.

From there the speakers become increasingly compact, including two 1-in. (25-mm) articulated tweeters in each A-pillar. Similar arrays appear in the rear doors. A cluster of three 2-in. (50-mm) speakers mounted in a motorized enclosure bearing the Panaray logo rises from the instrument panel at startup.

Unlike occupants in the back seats, the driver and front passenger get the benefit of a pair of 2-in. (50-mm) UltraNearField speakers placed in each front head restraint.

Speakers in the head restraints were cool and new in the Pontiac Fiero in the early 1980s, except at higher volume they sounded like someone screaming at you from up close.