GM Holden names Better Place as its preferred partner for renewable energy and faster charging technology for its Volt extended-range electric car in Australia.

Better Place will develop membership packages for Volt customers, including installation of its Charge Spot unit at home or work, and zero-emissions charging provided through the purchase of renewable-energy or government-certified renewable-energy certificates.

GM Holden Energy and Environment Director Richard Marshall says these are important steps.

“The Volt is unique among electric cars as it can charge from a regular household outlet, but we know from overseas experience that Volt customers are likely to also look for faster charging options,” Marshall says in a statement.

“And while the Volt is not restricted in range compared to other standard electric vehicles, we do expect that drivers will prefer to drive on battery only wherever possible.”

Better Place has 94 charge spots installed in Australia, with 37 in and around Melbourne, home to the country’s auto industry.

Marshall says Volt users who install a Better Place Charge Spot can charge their EREV in less than four hours, compared with just under six hours through a regular household outlet. “This option is likely to be popular with fleets who want to run their Volts predominantly on the initial battery charge.”

GM Holden says a full recharge for the EREV, badged as the Holden Volt in Australia, will cost A$2.50 ($2.56) through a regular household outlet.

Better Place also will install its Charge Spots for GM Holden Volt dealers to allow them to charge their demonstration vehicles due to arrive in the final quarter of this year.