TURIN – Jaguar reportedly will preview its upcoming ’14 F-Type coupe in a close-to-production concept at September’s Frankfurt auto show.

The unveiling will mark a return to the birthplace of Jaguar’s compact sports car, which made its debut at the same show two years ago in the form of the crowd-stopping C-X16 concept. The public response was so positive, Jaguar wasted no time in moving to the production stage with the F-Type, which hit the market in convertible form this summer.

Typically, convertibles are derivatives of coupes or sedans, which sell in higher volume. But Jaguar apparently opted for a different set of priorities, putting convertible engineering and development first to ensure the body and frame would be stiff enough for the roadster.

Adding the roof to the convertible structure is much simpler than taking the roof off a coupe.

The F-Type coupe will offer the same family of powertrains as the open-air sister: Two V-6 and one V-8 gasoline engine, all supercharged, with output ranging from the 335 hp of the base 3.0L V-6 to the 488 hp of the 5.0L V-8. All are matched to an 8-speed automatic transmission.